5 Interesting Casino facts You Probably Never Heard

casino gambling industry

Casinos are known for creating historical moments where someone makes it big on their first game or loses a fortune of money gambling. There are countless stories that have made their place in the news headlines time over the years. It is one of the unique entertainments which offers an equally thrilling experience as skydiving, only in this case; the thrill is more psychological than physical. With the risks involved for quick success, casino games are the only games that reward their players in real. While you may be aware of how the casinos work and the big players in the leagues, you may not have heard these weird yet interesting facts about casinos.

FedEx founder gambled to save his drowning company

casino gambling industry

Frederick Smith, the founder of FedEx, saw his company losing its profits and going down. With only $5000 left, Frederick decided to head to Vegas and gamble. Although not the sanest decision any founder of a company would make, Frederick managed to win $27,000 at blackjack. He came back with the winning money to once again build a courier service that is leading around the world today.

You can ban yourself from casinos

casino gambling industry

Did you know that if you feel you have a gambling problem, you can legally ban yourself from casinos? Several states in the US have a self-ban policy where players can get charged for misconduct if they enter casinos after banning themselves. You can pick the time of ban on your own and even make it a lifetime ban. Once you sign the contract, you can never go back to the casinos until the ban is removed.

Gambling addicts may require diapers

casino gambling industry

Gambling can be very engaging and serious at times when gamblers feel positive about winning. If you have not seen a gambler wetting the floors during the games, you have not seen the craze of gambling yet. Addiction to gambling can grow to such an extent that players refuse to leave the table to take a leak. Many come prepared wearing diapers, so they do not have to leave the game during a winning streak.

The sandwich was invested in a casino

casino gambling industry

In 1965, John Montagu was a popular gambler who was known to have won several big games. During one of his games, John felt hungry, but he did not want to leave the table as he was feeling lucky. Instead of going to the food court to eat, he asked the waiters to bring him some meat between two sliced bread. While several food inventions have happened because of the call for hunger, this one really highlights what gambling can be.

Vegas is not the casino capital


While you may know Vegas from most of the movies that show gambling, it is not the gambling capital of the world. The city of Macau is the largest gambling destination in the world today. It earns five times more revenue than Las Vegas.