This Tuesday evening, the Lithuanian film community and guests will gather at the Vilnius Congress Hall, where the jubilee, 10th Silver Winch Film Awards ceremony will take place. Counting the hours before the solemn event, the organizers revealed that both the audience in the hall and LRT spectators will be able to remember the most beautiful moments of the 10 years, as well as enjoy special musical performances, and in the evening as many as 19 awards will be presented.

“As this is the Silver Winch of the Decade, we will look back and remember where these awards started, what they were like and how they affected what we have today. More and more films are being made every year, so if previously the trio of contenders dominated, or even had to choose between just two big films, now there are 4 or 5 nominees competing in some categories. A co-production film nomination has emerged, the audience can collect their own film. But the essence of this evening is not just achievements. This is a big celebration of the Lithuanian film world, and the ceremony itself will definitely justify it, ”said Jurga Klimaitė-Riebling, the director of Silver Crane.

The organizers have repeatedly emphasized that a record number of awards will be presented this year – as many as 19 Golden Winch for Lifetime Achievement, 16 Silver Crane statuettes, Silver Crane Egg and a special prize for those who will win in the Audience Choice nomination. “. The solemn ceremony will be broadcast live on LRT television, starting at 6.30 pm.

“An evening of pleasant, lovely meetings awaits the audience and the participants of the celebration, which we will spend with our beloved actors, filmmakers, because it is not only a gathering of magazine heroes, but also those sometimes humble and unrepresented people who work behind the scenes.” stated J. Klimaitė-Riebling.

Andrius Rožickas, the host of television shows and events, director and creator of commercials, will conduct the jubilee awards this year. The director is confident that he will ensure a fun atmosphere: “We have full confidence in this presenter, because he is a strong representative of the conference genre, he will be. He will not play anything – neither the actor nor the singer, he will be himself. There will be great entertainment for TV viewers. ”

The solemn ceremony will also feature the sensual Justė Arlauskaitė-Jazzu, live rock and roll Vidas Bareikis, opera soloist Rafailas Karpis, and the beloved Donny Montell. The trio of Dovilė Filmanavičiūtė-Miss Sheep, Giedrė Kilčiauskienė and Miglė Vilčiauskaitė-Miglokas, specially assembled for this occasion, will be especially noteworthy.

“I really hope for this show and I am very happy to have managed to bring these three amazing women together. She accepted the idea with joy and excitement to tears. In addition, it will not be the only joint performance: since this scene is a film actor, they will use it, ”intrigued J. Klimaitė-Riebling.

All works will be accompanied by St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra and Rhythm Group (artistic director – Marius Leskauskas).

The organizers of the celebrations assure that during the evening there will be somewhere to catch the eye, because the statuettes for the winners will be brought to the stage by the titled beauty, model of the “Modilina” model agency Karolina Toleikytė.

“The award-winners will not only be from the world of cinema, but everyone’s name does not call into question their own high professional achievements, in other words, the real elite will gather in the Congress Hall tonight,” said J. Klimaitė-Riebling.

The patron of the prestigious Silver Winch 2017 awards is the Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania Saulius Skvernelis. The awards are organized by the Lithuanian Film Academy and the Lithuanian Film Center.