The winners of the newly distributed Silver Cranes can start thinking today about how to present their films to an audience with disabilities – the deaf. Kęstutis Vaišnora, President of the Lithuanian Society of the Deaf, is surprised that even in cinemas, films in foreign languages ​​are subtitled, and Lithuanian films are very rare. The online platform Kino Fondas has begun to fill this gap.

The platform, where the large collection of Lithuanian cinema is accumulated, starting with the old works of the Lithuanian film studio and ending with the examples of modern cinema, has a vision that will enable an even larger audience to get to know national cinema.

“We are currently subtitling movies that are already on the platform. We aim that in the future, every film found in the archive will be subtitled and adapted for the disabled. After all, this is a socially friendly project and it must be accessible to our entire society, ”said Darius Vaitiekūnas, director of the association AVAKA, which oversees the Cinema Foundation’s platform.

“It’s hard to even describe in words, it really means a lot to us, because the deaf are very short of movies, shows, series that would be subtitled – there are very few of them. We therefore welcome such an initiative by the Film Foundation. And we are particularly pleased that other people have shown this initiative that we did not have to be applicants. It is good to feel that there are people, organizations, institutions that are socially responsible and sensitive, ”said K. Vaišnora, President of the Lithuanian Deaf Society.

There are currently 53 films subtitled, including “Forever Together”, “12 Chairs”, “Balcony”, “Uncle, Rock and Nida”, “How We Played the Revolution”, “Master and Tatiana”, “Easy Sweet” , “Ten Reasons” and many more.

In the near future – subtitling and placing 80 films on the platform. “It would be a beautiful symbol for the Lithuanian Society of the Deaf, as in 2018 it will celebrate the 80th anniversary of its founding,” said D. Vaitiekūnas.

“It’s a really nice exchange of important numbers. The society itself is 80 years old, not every organization is alive. And we realize how huge this work is – subtitling so many movies in such a short period of time. Therefore, for us, it is a great achievement and we would symbolically wish it was a start – for all films to be subtitled in the future, for it to become an everyday phenomenon, for us to be equal members of society. Because currently only individual films are subtitled in Lithuanian, even in cinemas, when all foreign films are subtitled, ”said K. Vaišnora.

The project of the Film Foundation is implemented by the audiovisual copyright association AVAKA. It is partially funded by the Creative Activities, Copyright and Related Rights Protection Program administered by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.