AVAKA, which is constantly innovating in the audiovisual sector, has created a kind of home for works on the Internet – the virtual library of the future, where information about all registered works will be available.

The information material about Lithuanian audiovisual works has been quite scattered so far, and in order to find it, it was necessary to browse through various websites and submit inquiries to the organizations representing the creators.

AVAKA, the audiovisual copyright association, has decided to facilitate access to information. Now a few keystrokes will suffice.

The title, authors, participants, year of production, duration and other information will be included in the Infondo database and will make these items more accessible to people interested in the audiovisual market, perhaps seeking a rightholder to apply for and obtain permission to use the work or its passage by legal means.

“The Kino Fondas, which has been in existence for some time, is a work platform initiated by AVAKA. We strive for the Cinema Foundation to become a kind of virtual library in the long run. Already now on this platform it is possible not only to watch almost 300 Lithuanian films, but also to find detailed information about them. AVAKA is not a bureaucratic organization, we strive to be active in the audiovisual sector, therefore we are constantly looking for ways to improve the platform so that it becomes useful and interesting for various audiences, various audiences, especially people interested in films, ”said Darius Vaitiekūnas, AVAKA CEO.