The Academy is an independent institution that, in order to foster Lithuanian film culture both nationally and globally, annually awards the National Film Award “Silver Crane” to film professionals.


LiKA is the only institution uniting all guilds of film professionals. LiKA’s highest governing body is the Annual Assembly of Full Members, which elects (every four years) 5 members of the Council to represent LiKA’s interests in film policy and cinema-related activities.


To foster Lithuanian cinema culture, not only by introducing the historical course of Lithuanian cinema, but also by preserving the heritage of Lithuanian cinema for future generations and by evaluating and honoring Lithuanian cinema authors and creators in Lithuania by presenting the national film award “Silver Crane”. We aim to build a bridge between cinema and the film industry, to help establish the authority of national cinema in Lithuania and abroad; to initiate and strengthen the dialogue between Lithuanian film institutions and film professionals; to support young Lithuanian film talents, to promote and evaluate their work; to inform the Lithuanian public about Lithuanian film trends and the most striking works.


The annual National Film Awards “Silver Crane” and direct participation in all stages of the selection, screening and awarding of films to be awarded are initiated. Preparation and participation in various projects related to the political, economic, artistic and educational aspects of cinema. Cooperation with the European Film Academy and the national film academies and film institutions of individual European countries.


Since 2014, LiKA has been a member of the Club of European Film Academies (FAN of Europe). This club unites film academies from more than 20 European countries. LiKAS is represented at the meetings of the members of the European Film Academies Club by the Chairman of the Council Dr. Gražina Arlickaitė. At the European Film Academy, LiKAS is represented by 20 full members.